My Notes: Tooth Morphology

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Dental Students, this app will get you on the fast track to tooth morphology! It can be great for Dental & Hygiene Students, or those who just have to know more about teeth.... Its set up to show the key features. This is not a replacement for study material, but a great addition. Dentist can show patients all the angles of a tooth to their patients, and it is all for a Great Price! This brings text books together into a fast and simple way to see tooth morphology.

This app was created directly for studying for Dental school classes on tooth morphology. It started out as my notes, and are now Yours!

How it works for students:
- Quiz yourself with image and tooth number.
- Learn Key features
- Height of Contours
- General shapes
- Zoom in for labels (pinch/stretch) <<<<<<
- Eruption timeline
- And a description to tell it all!

* Swipe right/left for next tooth
* Swipe down for options
* Pinch/Stretch for labels!

*** We kept the color highlights because color is what triggers the memory the fastest!

Know your secondary and primary teeth! Learn them one quick step at a time!

While human teeth have a certain variability these are generalized to the best of our abilities. Please be sure to check with Educational resources for final results. Feel free to email us any additions you think it needs for your educational experience. Thank you from B.C. Apps!

*** App Correction ***
Eruption Sheet - #6: Maxillary "Lateral" incisor (not central as stated)